USS Georgetown AGTR-2

USS Georgetown AGTR-2

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cruise Book

I have been going through my Cruise Book of the Three Seas to South Africa, Atlantic p Caribbean Indian Deployment. So many old friends in there. RT friends Larry Smith,  Bruce Kerns, Jerry Peart, Bob McNair, Mike Ivy, Steve Pittman, John Dussel, Crazy Jack Schwab, Vinney Scala, Paul Neff Namu, Danny William. I worked for LCDR O'Dea when he took over the TBirds. So many of us so young. I can't forget the crazy R Branchers, David Lemmon, Frank Munger, Dan Forte, Charley my man Gorden, Mike Coppeck, Glen Martin. We can't forget the Mat Men, Crazy Otis, Al Peck, Bill Goff. Peters was the only O Branchers is really knew. Claude Johns in RA was a buddy.  I got to know a lot of the GenServe personal. Supply, Tosie, Nunley, Lencioni and Belton. Operations, Jimmy Alexender left before the crusie, R. French I got to know. Exec Dept, Bobby Pike. Then you get into the real Navy. The guys that ran the ship. R Division, I know K. Barley, IC3, Paul Willis. Along with Bruce Kerns we were in a car accident going to Kerns home. EN1 Whitfield was a navy man. I knew a few in M Div. Ledford, Jeffery and Blackwell. I knew quite a few Deck Div. A lot of them came on when I did and we worked together. Jeffers, Shoots, Easter, Enyart, Perry, Raines, Sheffield. I didn't get to know the Cap that well.

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  1. Jack,

    I'm glad you have started the blog. I would like to have you post a link to my website. As a former crew-member, with not many of us left, it's probably a good idea to keep in touch. I'm still working and don't have any vacation time for the cruises, but if you get to the greater Phoenix, AZ area, please look me up. 
    Bob Hanshaw CW03, USN (Ret)